What Should I Bring

One of the things that people ask us all the time is “what should I bring?”

Whether you are meeting with us face to face or sending your information via fax, email, etc., here are some things to bring/send/upload.

All copies of W-2
1099 forms such as the following:
-1099M or Non-Employee Compensation
-1099G Unemployment
-Barter and Sales of Stock
-Social Security Benefits
K-1 Statements for Partnerships, S Corporations and other
Rental Real Estate Income and Expense
Amounts of Estimated Tax payments 1040-ES (if applicable)
Itemized Deduction Information
-Medical Expenses
-Real Estate Taxes
-Home Mortgage Interest, Home Equity and Investment Interest
-Contributions to charity and church (cash and non-cash)
-Casualty, and theft losses
-Unreimbursed Employee Expenses
-Previous year’s tax prep fee
-Investment expense
-Safe deposit box expense
Copy of last year’s tax return with all schedules
Closing Statements for:
-Purchase of new residence (HUD)
-Sale of residence (HUD)
-Refinance of mortgage
Moving Expenses
Year end IRA and 401k statements
IRA contributions
Dependent Information
Copy of Social Security card for each dependent
Date of birth for each dependent
Name, address and EIN/Social of all child care providers and amounts paid